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User Group Conference - Virtual

It is User Group time again. To accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, we are having this event virtually, using Google Meet. We are delighted to announce the schedule for this year’s User Group Conference. We have a lot of new and exciting features to share with you. We look forward to seeing you again this year.

Maine Schools

- TBD **

Virtual using Google Meet

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New Hampshire

- TBD **

Virtual using Google Meet


- TBD **

Virtual using Google Meet

** Dates and Locations are not yet confirmed.

Below are the links to the documents presented in User Group meeting':

Presentation – Key Note

ME Synergy -Web2school (for Portal)

ME Synergy-Web2school (for Client)


Web2school – Clever Integration

We have worked with Clever to create a seamless integration to pass data between the 2 systems. All the necessary templates have been created and certified by Clever. Districts and Schools can now use this integration to get data to other systems like NWEA. We provide an Automated as well a Manual method to send data to Clever.

Please contact Web2school Support or MDOE for more information on this.

New Registration Module

Using this module School Districts can setup forms that can filled online by the parents of new or Existing Students. This module was developed to accommodate a contact-less and safe environment adopted by schools throughout the world.

·         For New Students, a link on main login screen will give them direct access to the configured forms.

·         For Existing students, the forms will pop up automatically on parent login.

·         Entries to these forms goes into a separate database table which can be moved to the main system after appropriate verification.

·         The forms can track any Student and Guardian demographic information.

·         In addition to the fillable forms, Districts can also post any additional forms and messages that can be viewed/downloaded by parents.

·         Web-Links provide options for parents to upload necessary documents required by the registration forms onto the cloud for safe access.

Contact Web2school Support for a demo.

Maine DOE awards WGS/Web2school as a Pre-Qualified SIS Vendor

04/09/2020 - Wicked Good Software has been chosen as a Pre-Qualified Vendor for the District Student Information System, by Maine DOE. Districts can now choose Web2school as its SIS through the DOE.

Please contact Web2school Support or MDOE for more information on this.

Changes to accommodate E-Learning and Remote Instruction

Due to COVID-19, schools have moved to e-learning and remote instruction. At WGS, we want to ease the burden of this transition and provide functionality which will help and assist the schools during these challenging times.

Here are some of the features we have developed to help schools with this transition:

·         Attendance “Check-In” options for Students

o    Students can use their Schedule tab to check-in to a class.

o    Teachers can view who has checked-in to a class, when they did that and mark their class attendance accordingly.

·         Google Classroom Integration

We have built an integration to Google Classroom to seamlessly send Course, Rosters and Assignments and retrieve Assignments and grades.

o    Import grades back from CSV file generated by Google Classroom

o    Manual sync and retrieval of Assignments and Grades from Google Classrooms for a Course initiated by the Teacher

o    Automate the sync of Courses, Rosters and Assignments to and from Google Classrooms for all courses

·         Google Hangouts Meet Integration

We are working on building an integration to Google Hangouts Meet to provide options for teachers to initiate Hangouts Meets session with students in their classes.

New RTI / Enrichment Module is now available.

You asked for it and you got it! A new module to track RTIs and Enrichment is now available for all schools. Using this module, Teachers and Administrators can:

·         Schedule students into RTI / Enrichment blocks on a weekly basis.

·         Check current grades before assigning Student to an enrichment block.

·         Group student to easily schedule them from one enrichment block to another.

·         Take attendance for the scheduled students in an enrichment block

·         Block off days where they are not available to be scheduled for enrichment

·         Print reports of Students RTI / Enrichment schedules for the week.

The other salient features in this module are:

·         Seamless integration with the existing student schedule as well as display in the Parent Portal.

·         Color coded views for easy identification of default Enrichment blocks

·         Set maximum size for Enrichment blocks. Teachers can override this when they add students to their Enrichment blocks

·         Add additional documentation per student or groups when scheduling them for Enrichment blocks.

Contact Web2school support for a demo or more information.

Custom Back-Office Service

Web2school has released a new service to provide schools with a back-office solutions to build Web Pages, generate, print and mail Report Cards, Progress Reports and Circulars. These are custom reports which will be generated as per the school's requirements along with Graphs and Charts outlining the progress of the students.

These are some of the services offered:

·         Build websites for District and Schools

·         Generation of Reports in PDF format and emailed to schools

·         Generation and Printing of the reports and delivered to school for mailing.

·         Generation, Printing and Mailing of reports directly to parents and or guardians.

In addition, these reports can be made available through a portal for the parents to view them online.

Please contact us for additional details and pricing information.

Fee Module Now Available:

Under popular demand, WGS has now made Fee module to be general purpose and released the module for All schools. This system allows the setting up of Payment Types (Annual, Monthly etc), Fee amounts, frequency, Due Dates and Payment Methods based on school requirements. These fees can then be assigned to one student or a group of students. The payments made to these assigned fees can now be tracked per student or for a group of students. Detailed reports about the assigned and pending fees can be generated for one student or a group of students

·         Tracks Fees, Payment, Due Dates per Student

·         Customizable setup of Fee Types, Categories and Payment Methods

·         Tracks Fees assigned to individual student or groups of Students

·         Split Payments across Fees and / or students

·         Assigns fees to one student or multiple student

·         Teacher assignment of Fees for field trips, after school programs etc.

·         Global Add, Delete of Fees to groups of students

·         Tracks Multiple fees Per Student

·         Color-Coded view for Clear and Easy viewing

·         Reports for Fees Paid / Due per student

Other Modules in Development:

·         SMS Messaging

·         More Mobile Apps

·         Instructional Management

·         Library Management Integration

·         Cafeteria Management Integration