Key Features

  • Secure cloud-based architecture
  • Works on tablets as well as smart phones
  • Apps for:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • Desktop PCs and other compatible devices
  • No limits on number of students, personnel, courses or user logins
  • Comprehensive demographic management for student and teachers
  • Easy access to all student information from one window
  • User configurable user-defined and descriptive fields / categories
  • Favorite buttons for easy one-click access to most used screens.
  • Customizable user interface look-and-feel per user with colors
  • Multiple calendars per school year
  • Student and staff attendance management

  • Easy-to-use Teacher Grade Books with seating charts
  • Supports both regular and competency based grading systems
  • Elemenatary system for tracking skills and competecies in lower grades
  • Comprehensive scheduling (time-table) system with automatic builder
  • Health system for tracking student immunizations, screenings and health office visits
  • Discipline system to track infractions, assign suspensions and detentions
  • Grades / Marks management with customizable report cards
  • Tracking of school and other (like IB) Assessments
  • Track student fees and payments
  • Documentation system for student portfolio management
  • Customizable reports, data exports and imports
  • Data Analysis and mining with Dashboards, Charts and Graphs
  • Parent / Student portal always displays current information about grades, attendance etc
  • Stable and maintenance free environment

  • Top

Mobile Apps

  • Works on Tablets as well as Smart PhonesApps for: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Desktop PCs and other compatible devices
  • Can be used over Wi-Fi or Mobile networks (2G/3G/4G)
  • Easy configuration for accessing server data
  • Multi-profile setup
  • User information save option for 1-click login
  • Quick access to all courses and Assignments
  • Auto resolution change based on device size and rotation
  • Auto-calculation of Term and Final averages
  • Quick access to class and period attendance
  • Color coded category selection
  • Date picker to access and enter attendance for past or future days


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Demographic (core) System

Student, Personnel/Staff Demographics, Course/Subject Management

  • Student Demographic and Data management
  • Personnel / Staff Demographic and Data management
  • Course / Subject management
  • Guardian / Parent Data Management
  • Multiple Guardians / Parents per student
  • Emergency Contact Management
  • Comprehensive One-Window View of Student records
  • Store multiple IDs per student
  • User configurable additional categories and data entry fields.
  • Stores data for multiple guardians
  • Student and Staff pictures
  • Comprehensive calendar management for Student and Staff assignment
  • Department setup and configurations
  • User Security Management with fields and view level permissions.
  • View Student / Teacher and Course Schedules / Timetables
  • Custom Data Reports and Exports


Attendance System

Track and Manage Daily and Class Attendance

  • Daily and Class Attendance Management
  • Multiple Data Entry mechanisms for tracking attendance Notifications
  • Color Coded categories for easy viewing
  • Comprehensive time-period and threshold reports
  • Transfer of daily and/or class attendance treport cards
  • Global entry and withdrawal dates
  • Multiple Codes associated with Entry and Withdrawal Dates
  • Average daily / class attendance and membership reports
  • Multiple years of attendance data
  • Multiple calendars for different grade levels and/or staff
  • Consecutive and total absences printed on daily attendance list
  • Daily and Class Attendance Lists
  • Attendance Registers


Grade Reporting System

Track and Manage Report Cards, Honor Rolls, Term Averages, GPAs, Ranks

  • Tracks Terms / Quarters / Trimester / Semester and Final Grades and Marks.
  • Can use either a letter Grade or Marks.
  • Import Grade from Teacher Grade Book or direct entry into Report Cards.
  • Records mid-term and final exams
  • Canned / pre-defined comments as well as Free-Form comment per course
  • Progress reports and Custom grades.
  • Transfer of daily attendance to report cards
  • Stores and accesses multiple years of data
  • Records standardized tests for transcripts
  • Rank in Class reports, Honor Roll assignment
  • Calculates GPA/QPA and up to three Honor Rolls
  • Teacher Grade Statistics and Verifications
  • Grade Threshold List (used for generating Failure lists)
  • Customizable Report Cards and Transcripts
  • Real-time automatic sync to Parent Portal


Teacher Grade Book System

Track and Manage Class Assignments, Marks, Grades, Comments and Notes

  • Secure web-access from anywhere to enter grades
  • One stop Teacher Desk system with access to all relevant screens
  • Tracks both a letter grade or number Marks with configurable mapping
  • Easy management of Assignments with or without category weights
  • Can use Total Points System or Category Weighting
  • Unlimited Number of Daily Assignments and Assignment Types
  • Comprehensive Daily Grades window for entering assignment values
  • Continuously Calculates All Averages for Term / Quarter, Semester and Final
  • Comments / Notes per assignment for parent / student portal
  • Private Notes for Teachers to store about Students
  • Mass assigning of grades to students
  • Drop lowest X number of grades option
  • Custom Cell colors to mark students and / or Assignments
  • Real-time automatic sync to Parent Portal
  • Zoom into Assignment for Graphs and Statistics
  • Administrator Notifications
  • Separate Calculations For Each Course
  • Separate Grade Ranges For Each Course (i.e.90-100 =A)
  • Manual Override Of Calculated Average
  • Averages and comments can be entered and uploaded to Progress Reports
  • Progress Reports using Snap-Shot of current calculated Average
  • Two Canned and one Custom Free-Form Comments per Student per Term
  • Seating Charts


Elementary Grading / Report Card System

Skills based Grading and Reports for Younger Students

  • Used for Detailed and Narrative Report Cards for Elementary Students.
  • Grades are defined by the school
  • Configurable setup for Skill Types and Skills
  • Grade Legend and attendance prints on each student's report card
  • Report cards can be printed for individual terms or all terms together
  • Unlimited number of courses / subjects and skills on each report card
  • Setup can be copied from one teacher to another
  • Preset comments and/or freeform comments per course, skill type or skill
  • Notes per student per Term / Quarter
  • Include your school logo on Report Cards
  • Standards based report cards


Standards / Assessment System

Track and Manage Assessments and Objectives by Content Areas

  • Curriculum, Standards and Assessment planning and management
  • Objectives can be evaluated using individualized rubrics.
  • Access over the web for Parents / Guardians/Tracks
  • Assessment Types (i.e. Multiple Choice, Essay, Lab)
  • Tracks multiple instances of assessments
  • User configurable fields to track additional information per assessment
  • Objectives can have custom rubrics
  • Aggregates scores within subject areas and/or levels
  • Data carries forward from year to year
  • Teachers can enter scores based on their class rosters
  • Tracking Assessment scores by Term or Year
  • Assessment / Grade Averages by Term / Quarter / Year
  • Comprehensive Drill down-reporting for data analysis


Discipline System

Infraction / Incident tracking, Action taken, Suspensions / Detentions

  • Incident / Behavior tracking and Management
  • Tracks Suspensions/Detentions Served
  • Tracks Multiple Infractions per student
  • Tracks Multiple Students Per Infraction / Incident
  • Tracks Multiple Victims Per Infraction / Incident
  • Tracks Weapons Used Per Infraction / Incident
  • Customizable Setup of Incidents, Action Taken, Suspension/Detention types etc
  • Associate Incidents and Actions to Properties and Types Student Disciplinary History
  • Infraction Totals Reports by Category, Gender, Faculty, Administrator, Action, Location, Time, etc.
  • Action Taken Totals Reports by Category, Gender, Faculty, Administrator, Infraction, Location, Time, etc.
  • Suspension/Detention Reports
  • Discipline Threshold Reports
  • Tracks Demerits
  • Real-time automatic sync to Parent Portal


Health System

Nurses Office Visits, Immunizations, Screenings, Allergy tracking

  • Tracking of All Essential Student Health Information
  • Nurse's Health Desk for Easy Access of Health Screens
  • Medical Alerts
  • Daily Log of Health Office Visits with history tracking
  • Daily Care and Medication Tracking
  • Medically Excused From Gym
  • Permissions for Emergency Treatment
  • Physicians / Doctors management
  • Student Health Notes for generic notations
  • Tracking of Allergies, Chronic Conditions and Medications
  • Tracking of Student Health Check-ups / Screenings
  • Tracking Students Requiring Screenings
  • Tracking of Immunization and Shots
  • Tracks User Defined Screenings
  • Referral/Response Tracking


Fee System

Fee and Payment tracking, Payment types and Methods

  • Tracks Fees, Payment, Due Dates per Student
  • Customizable setup of Fee Types, Categories and Payment Methods
  • Tracks Fees assigned to individual student or groups of Students
  • Split Payments across Fees and / or students
  • Assigns fees to one student or multiple student
  • Teacher assignment of Fees for field trips, after school programs etc.
  • Global Add, Delete of Fees to groups of students
  • Tracks Multiple fees Per Student
  • Reports for Fees Paid / Due per student
  • Color-Coded view for Clear and Easy viewing


Scheduling (Time-Table) System

Master Schedule, Student and Teacher Schedules / Time Tables

  • Master Schedule / Time-Table management
  • Unlimited Number of Sections per Course
  • Roster Management by Course/section, Period, Grade level, Category etc.
  • Individual Student Schedule changes using Add / Drop feature.
  • 25 Periods per Day/5 or 6 Day Week
  • Prints from 1 to 6 Days on Schedules
  • Customizable Day Names
  • Prints Rotated Schedules for Teachers and Students
  • Accommodates Block Scheduling
  • Displays Existing Class Roster When Adding Course to Student Schedule
  • Prints Student Schedules in Either a List, Grid or a Block Format
  • Elementary School Scheduling
  • Advanced Summary for Drill down information on Tim-Tables
  • Master Schedule Moves Forward From Year to Year For Easy Tweaking


RTI / Enrichment Tracking System

  • Schedule students into RTI / Enrichment blocks on a weekly basis.
  • Check current grades before assigning Student to an enrichment block.
  • Group student to easily schedule them from one enrichment block to another.
  • Take attendance for the scheduled students in an enrichment block
  • Block off days where they are not available to be scheduled for enrichment
  • Print reports of Students RTI / Enrichment schedules for the week.
  • Seamless integration with the existing student schedule as well as display in the Parent Portal.
  • Color coded views for easy identification of default Enrichment blocks
  • Set maximum size for Enrichment blocks. Teachers can override this when they add students to their Enrichment blocks
  • Add additional documentation per student or groups when scheduling them for Enrichment blocks.

Add/Modify RTI for a student


Transportation System

Vehicle, Operator, Route and Stop Management

  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance Records
  • Vehicle Operator Information
  • Customizable fields to track additional Vehicle information
  • Track Stop Information like location and GPS coordinates
  • Route Configuration
  • Assign Stops to Routes
  • Assign Routes to Vehicles and Operators
  • Assign Students to Stops
  • Assign Personnel to Stops
  • Comprehensive Reporting


Hostel / Dorm System

Hostel and Room management, Attendance, Student and Guest Passes

  • Manage Hostel / Dorm information
  • Track and Manage Room Information
  • Track and Manage bed configuration in rooms
  • Create Custom fields to track Room Information, like A/C, Internet, Cable etc.
  • Associate Students to Rooms
  • Track Student Pass information
  • Track Guest / Visitor Pass information
  • Comprehensive Reporting


Web Portal and Communication System

Web Portal, Email, Text/SMS

  • Create a Community based web-portal for school
  • Create messages and alerts
  • Upload Circulars for school
  • Calendar of Events
  • Email All or Group of Students
  • Teachers can Email to their class rosters
  • Send Assignments by email to Parents
  • Send Text/SMS alerts for All Students or a group of Students
  • Send Text/SMS alerts for Attendance, Transportation, Progress Report , General Announcements etc
  • Other External Systems

  • Library Management
  • Question Bank
  • Cafeteria Management


Student / Guardian System (Portal)

View Grades, Assignments, Daily / Class Attendance etc.

  • Daily and Class Attendance
  • Class Assignment / Grades / Marks Information
  • Discipline History
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Card
  • Transcript Information
  • GPA/QPA and Rank In Class
  • Student Schedule
  • Enter / View Course Requests
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Health Records


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